Jonathan Agbebiyi – Purpose

IS IT POSSIBLE TO DISCOVER YOUR SUCCESS SECRET CODE? Many people are not happy with what they are doing in their lives, their jobs, their professions, their marriages and they are in search of remedies, answers, directions, enlightenment which, can show them the way. There is usually answers and they are everywhere.I find answers when…

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Halloween is Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is Hallow’s Eve What is lost can be the nidus for charting the course for true success. Hallow is purity, holy, revered, celebrated, saintly. The hallowed are the pure who have dedicated their lives, their activities to what are acceptable universal goodness; what qualify for canonization to sainthood, similar to the activities of the…

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Life Changing Revelation for Success.

Life Changing Revelation for Success. This wonderful video reveals to you some of the powerful life changing teaching in my coaching and training for your success at please watch it to the end and help many people by sharing it. Cheers. “This Left The Audience SPEECHLESS | This Is WHY You’re Not HAPPY (An…

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Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi recently ranked on the best-seller list

Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi

Medical Specialist turned Executive Life Coach, Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with Success Starts Today Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi recently ranked on the best-seller list with the new book, Success Starts Today, co-authored with Jack Canfield. Frederick, Maryland – April **, 2018 – Founder and CEO of Exproserve, LLC, Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi, joined…

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Mission Accomplished

Mission accomplished! “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”~ Confucious This quote, used by Jack Canfield in our new book coming out this week, is one of countless quotations that verbally illustrate the “magic” of starting a new journey or project “today.” And “magic” it is, because sages and successful…

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Get Your Mojo Back – Walk Your Talk

Get Your Mojo Back - Walk Your Talk Mr. Trump

Get Your Mojo Back – Walk Your Talk I like for someone to talk the talk and walk the talk. Let the ones who have no blemish speak and let the ones who live in glass houses throw the first stone. I like President Trump. I have always liked him and today, I like him…

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Mind Clearing For Success

success issues clearing - dr. Agbebiyi

Mind Clearing For Success There are many quarks, issues, ill learned beliefs leading to bad habits which hinder your success and achievement of prowess, money, health and happiness. These issues, mimes,as some other experts refer to them, cloud your vision, intuition and awareness, preventing your taking necessary undertakings and steps to reaching from point A…

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Make This Your Year

Dr. J Agbebiyi - Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Let this be Your Year to start your training at Exproserve with me, Dr. Agbebiyi, your guide and mentor. Have you not waited long enough? its time to get somewhere? People say that I understands how important it is for you to have one one hands on, experiencial training, exploring your issues to illustrate what…

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