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Dr. Agbebiyi-celebrity Motivational Speaker - Executive coach

What you don’t know about going deeper to freedom, light, happiness and wealth within are the road blocks on your search of realizing your happy dreams – www.exproserve.com

Dr. Agbebiyi-celebrity Motivational Speaker - Executive coach

Mind Noise Hides Your Power deep within

I was listening to reports from the groups after their completion of their charity and missionary services to different underserved areas of the world. They presented slides of the houses they painted, gifts they gave. friends they made and so on. During the presentation, I noticed that I was having internal chattering about how wasteful it was for all the volunteers to have taken the trip instead of just sending the amounts they spent on the traveling expenses, maximizing their charity contribution, to the people who needed the funds much more.

Plus, I was also commenting internally of course, on the volunteers just giving hands outs instead of teaching the people how to get themselves out of poverty which, is not by toiling endlessly physically and slaving alone but by their mentality.
During the soliloquizing, it dawned on me that I was in judgement and rebuke. And I am the one who exposed against this at Exproserve. Then I realized that my judgement was about first, that I was not contributing in the same manner these people chose for their contribution, because I usually send money which, is the easy way. Secondly, I realized that application of self-efforts goes a long way because it showed the people what is possible collectively, something to emulate. it showed them how they can give to and serve one another for collective welfare and goodness.

In addition, that making the trip assured the volunteers that the people get the benefits for what they needed instead of not knowing who got what or, if the money was even sent. The volunteers had the opportunity to realize what they have and how privileged they are to learn from the diversity of existence. And that the size of what was given and the simplicity of it were all valid contributions. The volunteers got the opportunity to give of themselves and the beneficiaries got the opportunity to receive, not only the works performed but the human elements, the bonding and energetic support which was most essential and that, giving cannot occur without receiving.

Finally, I came to conclude that, it is just fine the way things went. I realized that it is all my mind chattering, internal dialogue of judgement which are issues based. Issues on what should or should not been done one way or another.
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It is freeing to become aware in real time, one’s internal dialogue on human affairs. It is eaves dropping on one self which, can be amusing on occasions and helpful to clearing and learning deeply of oneself.

The journey of this type of awareness is what makes life very rich and full. The quietness to listen to internal dialog comes with practice and usually as one matures, it tends to come naturally. The advantage is to develop it while young so that it can serve as guiding post as development and growth occur. It is as a beacon on ones’ life journey. This acumen is some of what may be needed for many who are in search of direction to their lives challenges, or finding themselves as they put it. People with such challenges can benefit from the experience and expertise of someone ready to impart, guide and support individuals to the same level of unfolding and growth helpful to achieving greatness, quiet, understanding in solving many challenging issues of life, transcendence of which will elevate such individual to leadership, wealth and happiness.
some of the useful tools include

1. Guided Meditation.
2. Exercises to help you get clarity.
3. Empowerment by taking 100% responsibility.
4. Relearning of false believes leading to change of state.
5. Accountability
6. Taking action and eliminating procrastination.
7. How to stop searching for your lost keys outside of where lost them.

Many are called and only few are chosen. If this has been to your liking, if it structs some cords in you and you desire your journey to begin and want more, subscribe and sign up here for consultation and discovery of how you can benefit from coaching and mentoring from Dr. Agbebiyi at Exproserve
Remember that your better days are ahead of you at any age. Regardless of how old you are now, you can blossom to fulfilment of your goals – Dr. J Agbebiyi

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