Halloween is Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is Hallow’s Eve

What is lost can be the nidus for charting the course for true success.

Hallow is purity, holy, revered, celebrated, saintly. The hallowed are the pure who have dedicated their lives, their activities to what are acceptable universal goodness; what qualify for canonization to sainthood, similar to the activities of the catholic “Mother Theresa”, now departed.

There are many hallowed people amongst us and most of them do their services quietly and selflessly, for the benefits of the rest of us. People who knows who these people are support them to keep real the world together for humanity’s sake.

There is a night dedicated to honor these people, to bring to mind what we can all espouse to be great service for humanity – we know how, when and what we can be, because it is inscribed into our hearts. We just just don’t listen, or better yet, we prefer to do what is in our heads because we are heavily invested in what we have already forged our ways forward into. Plus, the society is a formidable foe preventing it, precluding it, and encouraging against it. And in some circumstance, it punishes against it too. so you can fathom and feel the pulse to appreciate the kind of works these people do for them to have at least a dedicated night for their remembrance.

We have hijacked and commercialised as we usually do here, and convert the sacred to mundane to loose the deeper understanding of what nourishes for greater benefits of the essential essence leading to real growth. The kind of growth which is what most people actually want to have instead of the populous hollas, geared towards non-nourishing success which you read about, and get inundated with in your mail boxes with invitations to one webinars and seminars to another. What I refer to as temporary webinaides and seminaids.

If you propound and cogitate a little about what life is all about, the answers, which are ever present for your asking, will make themselves known to you, making it easy for you reflect, encouraging you to delve more deeper into subjects as “Halloween” , “Hallow’s eve” etc to ferret out their origins and meaning. In your fereting, you will come across more esoteric which, further keep your eyes wide open, yarning for more, as you cherish your improved consciousness, growth and knowingness from what you find.

if you feel you are ready for these kinds of deeper understanding for interchange, the kind halloween and Hallow’s eve exposes, the kind you can pass on for posterity. The kind which rich people search for and after its discovery, lead to their giving as much and close to all their money away while enjoying doing so, because, they know they have truly become enriched by finding it. Many are called only few are chosen. what ever compels a man to remain suffering in a hole for 27 years and refused paved ways out until his achievement of  his humanitarian result, must be truly essentially rich.

In the meantime, let the ghosts, goblins and ghouls get their ways and let us give them what they want, a good treat so they do not trick us. While they are preoccupied, let us do the right things for humanity. This is a halloween shared article from all of us from Exproserve, enjoy your Hallow’s eve celebration. Cheers

Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi


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