Is Weight Loss Your New Year Resolution?

weight loss

Is Weight Loss Your New Year Resolution?

People make new year resolutions which they fail to keep and add to their disappointment which is of their own making and it is travesty.

People do not make determination to not eat in the new year, not to have sex, not to cheat or lie, they only make mundane resolutions about their mundane survival, like losing weight, because that is the level they are on. The truly successful know to start on their resolves, now!

weight lossWhat if there is no new year and it is only made up and bought into and perpetrated to keep people on a spinning wheel? What if, the so-called new year is the continuation of the same circularity, spinning in and spinning out (year in and year out). Actually, when you reflect a little on this idea, you will discover that it is really not an idea, it is a reality. The universe is at work, spinning and doing what it does. It has no year or day. These are terms we use for our construct and these constructs can be boxes for many, limiting their perspectives of possibility and reality or preventing their liberation into another realm, another reality and evolutionary development since the terminologies tend to concretize and make as absolute these agreed upon constructs, demarcating agreed upon reality- in short – box.

The bottom line is, and the theme of this writing is not to wait to some phantom new year to start anything which you think is beneficial for your life, but to start whatever it is, right where you are. Now!, is when to begin – notice that I did not say Now! Is the TIME, which does not exist either, except as you purchased it, handed down from delusion which has for ages enslaved and confused the minds of people, preventing their liberation and understanding of themselves and their universe, the same way new year is perpetrated. So, start now! with whatever you want to do, to achieve.

The question is, have you decided to do what ever you say you are resolute to accomplish? Are you resolute? These are the stumbling blocks to starting whatever you want to accomplish which you have justifiable postponed to the beginning of another new year, deluding yourself just to disappoint yourself again and again. The question again is why are you doing these? What seems to be the block, the issue, the story?

I submit to you that your issue blocks are within your grasp to ferret out and deal with, now. You do not need another year, another resolution. If you want to lose weight, now is the time to start. You might benefit from some experienced support for directives into delving into the recesses of yourself and getting going, but it is your responsibility to swim. Only you, can forge through the forest of your constructs to gain clarity into what you need to resolutely understand and handle. By the way weight loss challenges is not about eating alone. It is multifaceted. Take it from my experienced in running weight loss clinic and patented weight loss program – Nutritional Weight Control.

People needing to lose weight have other underlying issues which constantly urge their abnormal eating which prevents their motivation to do health beneficial activities to lose weight, but that is not the topic of this writing. If you need more guidance on this, click here

Mind you, the word responsibility is misconstrued as blame. It is not presented as such here. It is to convey to you that you have the ability to respond (response-ability) to what you can get started now, to do. In another words, do something, get started, take the first step, NOW! Now you have some light on the matter and some clarity, get started.

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