Jonathan Agbebiyi – Freedom

Jonathan Agbebiyi – Freedom

How e-cigarette is the next milker’s subject, so calm down.

Tobacco have been available probably before we humans got to this planet.
Tobacco has nicotine and people have enjoyed its smoke, its taste and aroma for eons, in almost all cultures of the world.

As a physician, I learned about nicotine in medical schools as a stimulant with subsequent relaxation Nicotine, stimulating the brain causes it to release dopamine which is a chemical associated with pleasurable feelings and well being. Nicotine receptors are found in the somatic nervous system (the neuromuscular junctions of the skeletal muscles systems). And in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in our bodies.

It is fashionable as it has been for thousands of years to smoke, chew tobacco and enjoy the aroma of tobacco in different forms. Cigars smoking is fashionable amongst the uppity. In the cultures where tobacco is highly consumed, both by male and female, they seem to live to prideful very old age and the incidences of cancer was unknown to many in those cultures. In the western world on the contrary, history of associated cancer and cancer related deaths are rampant. Even though tobacco to cancer is just an associative cause, the hoopla days about them lasted as long as many others hoopla on other milkers hoopla. After the money milking by the milkers, tobacco is now stably accepted for consumption, as long as it is clearly declared on each pack that it causes cancer and can even cause death.

Wow, cigarettes cause death and cancer and we still let it be sold? It is poisonous and it is still a staple consumer product? Is it cigarettes and /or tobacco which cause cancer? Follow the money.

Now comes the alternative to the powerful nicotine addiction, the addiction breaker, a solace for the quitter wannabes, who still have the oral and pacification needs which they find in e-cigarettes and, again, you will find in following the money that the fiasco begins all over again, the hoopla because the money milkers are up and running again, this time, from the opposite direction. It doesn’t make any difference since milking can be done from any position in any direction.

Just when the cows of cigarettes are coming into the barns with fully replenish udders, comes something to move the cigarettes cheese. That something is e-cigarettes. Well, “it is unfair, fowl” screamed the cigarettes udder owners when 20% of their cheese is now vaped up in e-cigarettes. “Who move my cheese?” They are screaming. “Well we can’t allow that to happen.”, the milkers claimed. We milked the tobacco, the cigarettes, now its time to milk electronically, after all, everything is going electronic nowadays, it is e-cigarette time for the milking.

What is in e-cigarettes which makes it dangerous? That is not the issue, the issues is, why was it allowed to be marketed in the first case if there is danger in it? Was it not dangerous them? Now that it is taking 20% of the cigarettes’ cheese, it is time out. It must be bad for all the e-cigarettes smokers. All of a sudden the e-cigarettes smokers are dropping dead. Mind you, all these years they have been puffing, nothing happened and boom!, they are developing these enigmatic lung “what-you-ma- call- it”. No, it must be the oil in it. No, it is the fragrance, the scent, the flavor, whatever!. Go figure

The research conclude that the tobacco have many other chemicals which make it more potent and addictive and many of the chemicals may also contribute to the well documented cause and effect of smoking and lung cancer, but cigarettes, smoking and chewing are still very legal to consume. it is not banned. I wonder why? Are you following the money still? Don’t get lost in this shuffle. Follow the money. Okay, let’s go!

It is wonderful to have the freedom to consume whatever one wants regardless of what the consequence might be. Is that not one of the axioms of freedom. Freedom of expression which does not endanger other people. Self determination of one’s fate?
Amongst the addictive and harmful products, alcohol is one of the baddest of them all and for many years it was the cause of lives destruction, either from the alcohol side effects, as in addiction, from liver damage, social and family destruction or from the system, which doled out extended incarceration to offenders of alcohol prohibition. Now, after the much money milking is established, it is just fine to drink your hearts content. if you are in the grips of addiction and need help with your issues holler at me for help

The same goes for marijuana. It is very well known that at least a third of Americans consume marijuana, judges, doctors, lawyers, legislators all included and these are the same people putting other people in prisons for many years, for infractions of marijuana smoking or what ever. Now that it is going to be legal in all fifty states and federally to use marijuana, go figure, the money milkers are established at milking again.

Do you remember when it is unsavory to eat eggs because they clogs your arteries, what about “don’t’ drink whole milk , drink only skim”. What about “margarine is not good for you, eat butter” and later , “no more butter, eat margarine’”, off again, on again. The same invitation to you is to follow the money.

Can it be that the people coming down with this mysterious lung snafus are just coincidentally e-cigarettes smokers? Mind you, I do not support any smoking myself being a recovered smoker, now a non-smoker. Could these people be just developing certain, yet unidentified viral afflictions? Could they be exposed to something unrelated to vaping at all? Could the cigarettes they were smoking prior to their vaping to quit smoking, be the cause of their now symptomatic lung sickness?

Take the numbers of vapers and extrapolate that to the number of people developing this mysterious lung thingy and you will determine that the ratio is minuscule. I wonder why this mysterious lung pneumonitis is generating so much hoopla? Is this wag for the start of milking? Is this industrial espionage in making? It this the 20% moved cheese fightback to recover? You have to wonder because 20% market share brings about a lot of dander. Anyway, Hoopla is how the milking is done. Money milking is big business. In all your following, don’t only follow the money, just follow the milking and there, you’ll find all the money.

Like everything else in United States, if it is doing well, how dare it? it has to be brought down, milked and then stabilized once further milking is fully established.

Let the vapers alone. Stop the industrial espionage. Which is worse?, cigarettes smoking or vaping? Six of one, half a dozen of the other maybe. Thanks for your indulgence in my rhetoric.

Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi.  – copyright

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