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How Desires Magically Fulfill

when you clearly see the miracles of it’s method

Disappointment comes when we are committed to how we want things to go, to certain and particular outcomes. If that certain expectations are not fulfilled at all, or, not in ways we think they should or the way we want them to happen, we become disappointed, according to jonathan-agbebiyi – magicaljonathan-agbebiyi - magical

This sense of disappointment also prevents us from noticing how the things are happening magically, how they are unfolding which, maybe getting our outcomes for us easier, in better ways, smoothly and naturally in more beneficial ways than the end point we could have imagined or even fathomed.

Inability to focus and pay attention is responsible for our seeing darkly. And our perception is from slumber, sleepy and asleep demeanor. It is no wonder that disappointment is a common order of the day for many.

So, plant the seeds of your dreams and desires; persist in your patience, expectation and attention. Stay open to grace and possibilities and watch the miracles which seem magical, but are not. Watch the crops come in its own time and in it’s own ways, not in seeds but in bushels.This is just the way things are.
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