COVID-19 Treatments?

Covid-19 Treatment?

Viral treatment modalities can be by anti-viral agents fabricated in the laboratory or by anti-viral immunoglobulin, which is the product produced naturally by a body, either by the body of the person who had recovered from the infected or by another body which is injected with the infectious agent in small dose so that the body, usually animals, can slowly develop immune substance (globulin) to the viral body (bug)

Among the bodies which have been used include other humans and horses, rabbits among the lot.

Case in point for the human case was a dedicated gentle man, his name eludes me now, who, for eons of his life, kept the most poisonous snakecovid19s in his laboratory which he regularly milked their venom for medicinal developments. He also regularly injected a small dose of each of these venom into himself in other to develop immunity to these venom. His doing so protected him in his line of work and also, he provided his immune blood products for treatments of others in case of snake bites.

The venom he collected can also be injected in small doses into other animals which developed immune globulin to these venom and the immune blood products from these host animals are harvested and processed for human use.

I wonder if the time it takes for development of the immune products naturally is not a long time at all. And the time for the natural development of the immune substance in different animals also, I suspect, varies.

In the case of treatment development which is done in the laboratory, the mode of replication of the virus is studied so as to sequence the virus. Its mode of activities, areas of attack and attachments to the body, organs, its ways of causing disease are studied, demarcated, analyzed to determine the best feasibility of drug(s) development to combat the virus, either to annihilate, incapacitate or ameliorate the effects of the virus. These processes, I suspect, take time, longer than the development of the immune treatment to say the least.

As this COVID-19 circulates and of course we all breath the same air – the air in Americas is the same air we breath in Africa and Europe so, we are all going to be exposed sooner or later.

As minuscule virus seeps into each person, general natural immunity develops, so resistance to getting sick from the bug begins to rise in the world population, if the virus does not mutate, or if it mutates very slowly and in tiny amount. But before this time period, we can collect the Sera of people who have developed and recovered from COVID-19 infection and process their serum ready for treatment of the presently sick.

This treatment method is scientifically sound, proven in other cases, unlike the Malaria medicine, which was not developed for virus, but for parasitic infestation( different balls of wax) and which has enormous, severe and life devastating side effects and death. I understand the concern and he powerlessness of the leadership and all of us and the panic, but we must be strong together and be calm and take level headed steps in navigating survival in this circumstance and challenges we collectively face.corona-worldwide

1. Can we collect the Sera of recovered COVID-19 infection individuals for processing and development of treatment of the sick COVID-19 patients thereby limiting the high death rate?

2.  Are the ideas I elucidated here not efficacious in meeting the urgency for treatment thereby mitigating massive death and allaying mass hysteria?

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