Give Money To People Not Corporations

Give Money To People Not Corporations
Anything built from the top down does not work. Stalactites fall sooner or later and stalagmites remain
Anything too heavy looses balance and torpedoes sooner or later. That is what United State Economy is undergoing. It is no economy at all, and that is why it is unstable. Unfortunately US economy affects the world economy and it must be repaired. Now, is the time to so do.

Corona virus is being blamed, but this comeupping of economic repeat debacle and catastrophe is imminent anyway, only the catalyst seem to be the pandemic, so let us use this as opportunity to rebuild.

Any untenable situation must reshuffle and the dust must allowed to settle.

If there is a festering abscess, you drain it, clean it thorougly and let it heal from the BOTTOM UP.

If a building is swaying because it lacks balance, top heavy, usually because of poor plans, bad workmanship, poor foundation, then the solution is to demolish the building and rebuild with solid foundation and meticulous rebuilding from the ground up, bringing experience to bare. This is what United States and the world economny need now. Anything else will not suffice. Fiat must give way to substance, not just confidence, which eroded and about to be completely lost.

What the legislature is haggling about the governmental economic support is the politicians protecting the status quo which is what brings us to the present financial debacle again, as before.

When are they going to learn? They are not going to learn until the house of cards get washed away. Greed has seized the political process, and it pretends to cater and look out for little people while actually doing anything and everything but to preserve the status quo, to preserve the controlling attitude of the politicians, preserving their pocket books and coffers of big money and friends which puts them in office.

That is why the politicians can’t reach consensus. Greed.

Why not rebuild and retool this economy as this and the world economy need be. As anything worthwhile, which is, to have solid foundation and structure from the grounds up.

For instance, education system is from kindergarten to college not the other way around, building is from foundation up, we crawl before walking, then running, a tree is from roots to trunk to branches. Then give the money to the roots, the people are the roots. They spend the money which becomes the economy.

If money is given to the people, they can only spend it, they have to spend it, they need to spend the money, which is what fuels the economy right away. They can decide how to spend their money and where. They can decide where they want to work, change jobs, move to another state, and keep everything moving. But that won’t happen because, the politicians want to protect their stocks, their cheese. They want to protect the companies they are invested in and which they have vested interests in.

They are watching their money disappears, losses scrolling by on financial networks. You can even notice the scowls on the faces of the financial networks news casters. Hey, they are heavily invested, loosing their money too. You can notice the kaleidoscopic colors in their faces as the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P all turn into crimson red tides.

If the money is given to the big corporations, it will amount to bail outs. So, why do these companies always need bail out?

Common people do not get bailed out. They are tossed on the streets, family and all, homeless.

Money given to the big corporations will not guarantee their keeping their employees on the payroles. They will need to cut overhead to stay solvent and the most expensive overhead is labor, so there goes the jobs.

The next things the corporation will do is pay the people at the top. After all, they are holding the purse. Make no mistake, the system is one topside down greed machine which punishes the people at the bottom.

The politicians want to give money to the corporations to do and maintain just that. To protect their cheese, take care of their friends at the top, maintain power control, double down stubbornly on crippled system which now is exposing the festering irresponsible, monopolistic, hegemony.

If money is giving to the big corporation, they will do what they want and the goverment will not hold anyone accountable for breaking what the Congress allocates the money for and even if they are held accountable, the damage would have been done.

Water the people with money and grow strong economic roots of people, leading to strong economic trunk, branching to abundance of lush green leaves and flowering growth and naturally lasting self rejuvenating economy. Remember that it was like that before tricky …. chocked the goose that lays the golden eggs. Let’s resuscitate the goose now quickly.

Fiat is not money, so part of this treatment must including the pain of amputation to remove the gangrene, the pain of tooth decay by extraction, the pain of child birth leading to beautiful outcomes afterwards.

Fiat must be jettisoned and gold and silver must be urshered in. It worked for thousands of years before greed and particularly greed for control, spoilt and stunk up the beauty of stability and fairness.

My prayer is to let the badly managed, woefully leveraged companies(emblematic of greed) enjoy their just deserts. And minimally, as example of what bad and greedy management can lead to.

Notvto worry about the employed because well managed companies in the same sector will absorb the debunked ones and absorb the employees as well. And again, good, honest and prudent works will be rewarded.

Employees will not suffer, US will blossom again. World economy will become stable. Fairness in lending and business will thrive again. Economies will be on great, strong foundations and the world can focus on other challenges for our collective humanity and growth.

Copyright:Dr Jonathan Agbebiyi 2020

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