Covid19 – Read All About it.


Covid19 – Read All About it.

The whole world, one time or the other, have had a cold or more, with all varieties of its symptoms.

If you test for the cold virus in people with previous cold, you most likely find them test positive and you mostly will find antibodies to the cold virus in them also.

Testing positive may or may not be immunity or infectiousness,testing for corona virus since virus undergo mutation, which is, changing or modifying itself usually slightly to become resistant to the current treatment or immunity.

That is why flu shots are giving yearly to make up for the mutation and for other virus which is foreshadowed maybe showing up.

Sooner or later the whole world likely will be exposed to this corona virus. The very susceptible and predisposed will likely succumb easily to the virility and the healthy will most likely exhibit symptomatology to varying degrees and mostly recover with immunity, even though some may also die.

These effects are irrespective of race or even geographic location, but availability, adequacy, supportiveness of treatments and care make significant difference in who survives or dies.

As this drama plays out, over some period of time, probably and likely one to two years, the world will develop natural immunity to this virus and corona virus afflictions and symptoms will present similarly as common cold, in the future.covid19

The dose of viral exposure per unit time may determine development and severity of sickness since heavy dose of virus will likely overwhelm the body’s immune system in mobilizing defense against the army of virus load. This is the same way HIV treatment is used – by lowering the viral load and from preventing viral replication. So, masks, hand washing, social distancing, isolation, quarantining, good diet, rest, fluids all help to mitigate sickness from heavy viral load inoculation leading to sickness from infection.

In the meantime, staying calm and adhering to these recommended life style changes are very helpful pending the time that anti-serum is developed, or antiviral agent is found or newly developed agents are discovered or till the population develop natural immunity or combination of all the above are life saving.

Now, anti-malaria drugs have been tested for malaria and found effective or malaria. These drugs are also effective against some other medical conditions including rheumatoid(inflammatory diseases, like arthritis). The reasons drugs are tested are not only for their effectiveness but also their side effects. The anti-malaria drugs being touted for use, hastily for corona virus have severe side effects which may kill the patient faster than the corona virus itself and render patient invalid if the patient should survive the virus, covid19plus it has neither been tested nor found effective against any corona virus. Now, is not the time to complicate, confuse, or offer false hope to the people. Patience, support and treatment while definite treatment development are in progress is “erring on the side of caution”

Opening any country for commerce, as tempting, inviting and to shore up economic collapse as it may seem, will be premature, negate current mitigation of viral spread and cause resurgence and increase viral spread and carnage. Please don’t’ do it.


Americans have never staved to death. We can do something about starvation, we can feed people. There are soup kitchens even when there is no corona anything. Americans are not callous to not feed its people-and watch while somebody starves to death. America feeds the world, so it can it’s people. We love to shine in situations as this. We thrive under challenges in fact.

Stop worrying about the economy. There is no economy without the people, so take care of people so people can resuscitate the economy anytime. Money is just paper. People are priceless.

We, the people must now come to each other’s aid and support one another. This is not the time for partisan politics and prejudices. Black people, forgive and help your white brothers and sisters and white people, love and support your black brothers and sisters. Together we can survive this challenge otherwise, we can all love one another and be as one in the graveyard.corona-worldwide

copyright – Dr Jonathan Agbebiyi.

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